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13 Jan

42nd RBDC = Succes

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The dust settles gently on New Richmond and he is a Rally fan following the 42nd edition of the Baie-Des-Chaleurs International auto rally which will take place from June 28 to 30. Another superb edition where the composing couple of Joel Levac and Stéphanie Lewis were crowned for the second time in 4 years aboard their Mini Countryman WRC. Levac and Lewis dominated the rally from start to finish, winning 16 of the 18 events in the Baie-Des-Chaleurs rally. In 2nd position in the general classification, we find the Mexican Ricardo Trivino and the Spanish Marc Martí on a Skoda Fabia R5 just ahead in 3rd position (2nd in the Canadian championship) the Quebecers Karel Carré and Samuel Joyal aboard a Subaru STI prepare by Test Rancing. The top 5 in the general classification is completed in 4th position by brothers André and René Leblanc of New Richmond (3rd in the Canadian Championship) on a Subaru WRX and in 5th position by Sébastien Clark and Yanick Marin aboard another Subaru. Special mention to brothers Mikael and Manuel Arsenault of Caplan who complete the top 5 of the Canadian championship.

In 2WD class, the battle was expected to be fierce where all the best Canadian crews were present. However, several mechanical failures at the headliners enabled Win Van der Poel and Brian Lord (Canadian Champion in 2018) who came from the west of Canada with their Ford Fiesta R2 to win the 2WD class. In 2nd position we find the Gaspésien Mathieu Leblanc and Éric Dubé on their Honda Civic of Honda New Richmond, they made one of the best returns in recent years following a broken cardan at the start of the rally to finally climb on the 2nd step of the podium. In third position is another crew from Western Canada, that of John Munroe and Bill Dubreuil on a Ford Fiesta R1.

Once again this year, Baie-Des-Chaleurs fans and those from all over America attended a high-quality rally at the organizational level which reinforces the thesis that New Richmond is the city of Rally par excellence in North America!

To consult all the results in the different Championships:

The 43rd edition of the Baie-Des-Chaleurs International Auto Rally will take place from June 26 to 28, 2020.