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27 Feb

Source: Pôle Position

The Quebec Rally Championship, presented by Freedom Rally Shop, will celebrate its twenty-fifth season this year under the direction of Rallye Sport Québec, an organization founded in 1993 to sanction Québec’s performance rally competitions. An anniversary year that will mark a milestone as a new dynamism and the four most important events of rally in Quebec will compose the calendar of the season.

The Maniwaki Perce-Neige Rally, which will be the 52nd edition on 4 February (official program in the new edition of Pole-Position Magazine), will inaugurate the activities. It is the only winter winner on the calendar, and it is a tradition with its glacial and snowy course in the Haute-Gatineau region.

The second event will take place on July 1st and 2nd in Gaspésie, while the 40th edition of the North American Rally of Baie-des-Chaleurs will be presented on the dirt and gravel roads of the New Richmond area. An event always magic, which will be followed two months later by the Rally Defi, in Montpellier (MRC Papineau, in the Outaouais). This 2017 edition of the Rallye Défi will be the 25th.

And it is another anniversary that will await the many competitors at the conclusion of the 2017 season at the Rallye de Charlevoix, when this event will celebrate him, thirty years of its creation. Renowned throughout the continent for the beauty of its landscapes and perfect roads for competition, the Charlevoix Rally is based in the city of Clermont.

Prestigious events but also a simplified regulation, intended in particular to reduce operating costs for competitors, is the second key word of this 2017 Québec Championship. For example, crews wishing to register for The series will have to have cars not equipped with sequential transmissions or “Dog Box” type. They will still be able to use gasoline racing this season, but will be banned for regular fuel pump starting next year. Any driver or co-driver registered in the series must be a member of a club affiliated to RSQ and, for the sake of simplifying the rules, only two categories will be in action: competitors with 4WD cars and 2 wheels Motor vehicles